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How To Enable Caching Options in GlobalCapture

When GlobalCapture needs to get information about a field, list values, template data or other information during processing, it has to reach out to the GlobalSearch API or GlobalCapture API to get information.  This data can be cached in memory to avoid polling of an API.  If the Engine encounters a scenario where it is interacting with a field, list value, template it does not have stored in memory it will reach out to the API to get the information and then cache it.  Doing this can increase performance and eliminate the back and forth from the Capture Engine to the API.

Step-by-step guide

If your GlobalCapture environment has a lot of templates (50+) you will likely see a big performance improvement from adding Template caching

  1. Navigate to your GlobalCapture Engine directory, by default this is C:\GetSmart\CaptureServices\GlobalCapture_1.

  2. Open GlobalCapture.exe.config in a text editor of your choice

  3. In the <appSettings> section add the following values: 

    <add key="ListTimeout" value="120"></add>
    <add key="EngineAllocationTimeout" value="120"></add>
    <add key="TemplateTimeout" value="120"></add>
    <add key="FieldTimeout" value="720"></add>
    <add key="LicenseTimeout" value="10"></add>

  4. Restart the GlobalCapture_# service, where # is the engine ID.

The timeout values are in minutes, so 720 minutes = 12 hours

  1. Available <add key="FieldTimeout" value="720"></add>. Improves SQL call performance for fields.

  2. Available 2.4. GlobalCapture engine config <add key="LicenseTimeout" value="10"></add>. The value is in minutes. They key is used to cache the
    registered license count for registered features. 

  3. Available 2.4.<add key="ListTimeout" value="120"></add>
    Available 2.4.<add key="EngineAllocationTimeout" value="120"></add>
    Available 2.4.<add key="TemplateTimeout" value="120"></add>

If you have multiple Capture Engines this will need to be performed on each one.

GlobalCapture 3.0 Batch Manager Field Caching

With the introduction of the revised Batch Manager interface in GlobalCapture 3.0 some environments may experience long load times when running searches. If you are on at least GC you can add the following setting to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Square9CaptureAPI\web.config to increase GlobalCapture 3.0 Batch Manager search performance.

<add key="FieldTimeout" value="720"></add>

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