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GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture Timeout on Security Calls


In situations where a customer has a large domain or a large amount of users or groups GlobalSearch may seem to lockup when selecting "Security" on the Inbox portion of the Administrator tab. The same symptom appears when selecting database security. Eventually a message box displaying "The operation has timed out" will alert the user and users and groups will not display. To work around this issue, you might opt to adjust the InitRecvTimeout value on the Active Directory Domain Controllers

This affects:

  • Large enterprise installations where the customer may have multiple domain controllers
  • Domain environments where there may be remote domain controllers
  • Environments where there is a extraordinary number of users/groups


Documentation on how to modify this timeout is found on Microsoft's site here:

Please Be Advised

In instances such as these where Domain Controllers are being directly configured, Square 9 Support WILL NOT perform this workaround. This is to be done by the local IT, for the client's own safety and security.

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