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How To Perform A Content Index Rebuild

In the event that an Archive hasn’t properly created a content index for all of its documents, a user might want to force a content index rebuild.

However, this does come with one minor caveat – by default, the content index rebuild will only rebuild as many documents as are returned in the default document return limit (set to 50 by default.) This means that, by default, a content index rebuild will only re-index the first 50 documents of the selected archive.

To index a larger number of documents, adjusting the DocReturnLimit will be necessary. Follow the steps below to perform a content index rebuild.

Step-by-step LAN guide

  1. Log into your server

  2. Close GlobalSearch/SmartSearch and make sure all helper applications are closed as well (Extensions, Image Xchange, etc)

  3. Navigate to your Local folder (C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\)

  4. Navigate into Square_9_Softworks folder and drill down into either the GlobalSearch Folder (v.4.4.1 and up) or the SmartSearch Folder (v4.3.1 and below)

  5. Open up MYSETTINGS.xml in notepad and locate the <DocReturnLimit> tag. Adjust the number between the opening tag and closing tag to encompass the full number of documents you wish to reindex. Please note, the higher this number, the longer the index will take, and the longer the load time on your Archives will be. This change is not permanent.

  6. Save the MYSETTINGS.xml file and start up GS/SS.

  7. Run the Content Index Rebuild located in the Administration Tab on the Archive in question.

  8. This will run momentarily in the foreground, but the re-indexing will be done quietly in the background. At this point, you can navigate back to the MYSETTINGS file and change your docreturn limit back to something more acceptable, or keep it as is.

Adjusting the docreturn limit on the server will allow a content index rebuild to cover a broader return set of documents. The docreturn limit can also be adjusted on clients who wish to have more than the default 50 documents return from a search.

Step-by-step Web guide

  1. To rebuild the Index, on the GlobalSearch toolbar, in the Administration menu, select Administration.

  2. In the vertical Administration menu, select Archives. A list of the Archives will appear.

  3. Click the More Options icon for the selected Archive.

  4. Click Rebuild Index.

This feature only updates the last 1,000 documents added to an archive. If you need options for updating larger recordsets, contact support.

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