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Email Imports from Microsoft 365 GCC High

Note: you must be using GlobalCapture Spring 2023 v3.0.122 or later to leverage this feature.

GCC High is Microsoft’s sovereign US Government cloud. Customers using GCC High for mail services require special configuration, as the web addresses for GCC High are different than that of MIcrosoft’s standard public cloud provisioning.

For GlobalCapture to import emails from mailboxes in this configuration, the capture environment will need to be told about it.

Modify Config Files

Update Capture engine configs AND the GlobalCapture API’s web.config with the following appSetting:

<add key="AzureCloudInstance" value="4"/>

You may need to restart GlobalCapture Engines for this setting to be respected.

Workflow Configuration

When configuring workflows, the server address must reflect the GCC High address, which is:


A single GlobalCapture engine may only communicate with a single Azure instance type. If you require the ability to target mailboxes in the public cloud AND mailboxes in the government cloud, you will need two separate GlobalCapture engines running targeting the respective environments for the workflows assigned to them.

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