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Using Discretionary Permissions To Hide Or Show Workflows In The GlobalCapture bEST Connector With QuickSearch

Setting permissions for users to see (or not see) certain workflows is fairly easy and usually just a matter of some simple security adjustments in the GS Archive Security Interface.

Permissions work like this:

If a user has the Folder Permission “Add” they will be able to see all workflows that release to that Archive. There is no distinct UI to configure who sees what in the Connector interface. It is all done through GS Permissions.


WorkflowA releases to Archive1

The “Domain Users” group can all ‘Add‘ to Archive1, all Domain Users will be able to see Workflow A. If you take the permission to ‘Add‘ away from Domain Users, no users will be able to see Workflow A.

Please Be Advised

If you're using a Release node with 'Release to Files' this will result in an indiscriminate release and will always show in the connector Workflow Select menu no matter what.

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