If you are having trouble logging into GlobalSearch look through the following common login issues.

  1. Check that you are entering your username and password correctly.

    1. Your password cannot contain any of the follow characters and these are illegal password characters.

    2. Quotes ““, spaces, blackslash \, colon :, semi colon ;, or the British pound symbol £.

  2. If you have a domain install are you entering your domain before your user name?

    1. Such as domain\username.

    2. If you aren’t sure if you have a domain you would need to ask your IT.

    3. To check for the domain name and your user name in command prompt enter whoami.

    4. There is no domain in this example. That is my computer name, but it still lists my user name.

3. Is your user account locked out from entering a wrong password too many times?

a. If it is locked out you will need to ask your IT department to unlock your account from active directory.

4. Are you trying to use a user name that is exactly the same as a Square9 user name?

a. You cannot have a user name in active directory that is the same as a Square9 user name. If you do then delete the Square9 user name and try logging in again.

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