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Public Access Portals

GlobalSearch natively supports public access experiences. To enable unauthenticated, public access to GlobalSearch, first enable the Guest user account in User Management.

In User & Groups select the Edit Tab, and enable the toggle for Guest User.

Once enabled, a guest user can be secured to any Database and to any Archives, exactly like a normal user. Do note, guests are exclusively read only users and may only be assigned Read Only or Guest licensing.

Guests can be linked directly into GlobalSearch with a URL resembling:

In this example:

  • Database ID = 10

  • Archive ID = 1

  • Search ID = 10

  • GlobalSearch Instance = https://YOURFQDN/square9api

  • User = guest

Adjust parameters accordingly for your environment.

GlobalSearch Login Screen

The login page can be updated to include a guest login button. The environment’s config.json requires an additional entry to add Guest Login. Add the following line, or for Cloud customers, contract to enable the button for your environment.

"enableGuestLogin":  true
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