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Configuring GlobalSearch Go

Customers on a current GlobalSearch version (6.3.159 or greater) may choose to leverage an updated and improved GlobalSearch client.

GlobalSearch Go is a hosted client. Prior to being able to leverage the client on your GlobalSearch instance, a configuration file must be placed on the server. Square 9 Cloud Customers can skip this step, but should contact to enable access if there are any connection problems.

GlobalSearch Go requires an SSL certificate to function. The certificate needs to be setup in your IIS (Internet Information Services). Which you acquire through a valid SSL provider. How To Perform A GlobalSearch SSL Switch-over

Using a self signed certificate is not recommended. Temporary test machine demonstration purposes only.

In the Square9API’s file path (c:\inetpub\wwwroot\square9api) create a new folder called public, and within it, create a new file named config.json. The contents of this file should be:

    "apiUrl":  "https://YOURFQDN/square9api/api",
    "viewerUrl":  "https://YOURFQDN/globalsearchviewer",
    "licenseManagerUrl":  "https://YOURFQDN/square9web/GSWLicenseManager/",
    "userManagementUrl":  "https://YOURFQDN/square9web/UserManagement/",
    "adminUrl":  "https://YOURFQDN/square9web/#/admin/full",
    "gseUrlDefault":  "",
    "dashboards":  [],

Be sure to update YOURFQDN with the fully qualified domain name of your GlobalSearch instance.

Using GlobalSearch Go

Browse to (

Customers will need to provide their tenant address when prompted for Instance. On premise customers must be using a web accessible domain name to use the client. Log in normally.

Users familiar with the GlobalSearch web client will have no issues navigating the updated experience. Layout and functional elements are consistently placed. The biggest difference users will notice is with document viewing.

Viewing Documents

GlobalSearch now includes an embedded document viewer. To view a document, in any result set simply click the Document Type icon, and a viewer panel will slide out.

By default, double clicking a record in any result will open the full GlobalSearch viewer client, where all standard functionality remains available. To stay in the updated viewing experience, access settings from the User icon in the top right corner. On the appearance tab, select Use internal document viewer.

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