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SQL External Bindings

In GlobalSearch 6.1.103+ the “External Binding” Feature was added to lists in GlobalSearch, there are currently two options for this, SQL and MongoDB, this article covers how to use the SQL binding to populate a GlobalSearch list.

In this example we’ll use the ssMaster.dbo.ssConnectionStrings table to return a list of the GlobalSearch databases connected to your GlobalSearch instance.

You can learn how to check your GlobalSearch version by reading our knowledge base page

  1. Navigate to the Field Catalog and then the Lists Subsection

  2. Create a new list and turn on the External Binding option

  3. Select SQL Query from the drop down

Connection Strings

You can read more about the options available for SQL Server Connection Strings at the link below;

For security reasons you cannot use “Integrated Security” or “Trusted_Connection” in your connection strings. You will need to create a SQL Authentication user and pass in the username and password via the Connection String

A typical SQL Server connection string can be found below;

Server=(local);Database=ssMaster;User Id=globalsearch;Password=globalsearch;

SQL Query

GlobalSearch will use the first column returned from the SQL query to populate the list, it will ignore all other information returned.

select Name from ssMaster.dbo.ssConnectionStrings

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