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Using the Square 9 System Analyzer


The Square 9 System Analyzer is a tool to quickly gather and report on details of a system running GlobalSearch, GlobalCapture or GlobalForms. This tool gathers information found in MongoDB, and Microsoft SQL Server and therefore requires access both components.

Obtaining the Application

The application can be provided by your Square 9 Regional Sales Director on request. You will receive an email with a link to download the application, along with an accompanying password. This application should be downloaded and run from your Square 9 server as an administrator. It should not be run from an end-user’s desktop.

Download link

Running the Application

Once you’ve downloaded the application, extract and run the application. Run the application called: “S9MigrationAnalyzer.exe”.

Once the application runs, enter the password provided to you and select “Confirm”.


After you’ve entered your password, you will be prompted by the main screen of the application.


When prompted, enter the following:

  1. Customer Name (Your Company’s Name)

  2. Your Email (Your Email)

  3. SQL Server (The database instance where Square 9’s databases are hosted)

  4. MongoDB (The MongoDB instance where Square 9’s workflow database is located).

  5. MongoDB Username and Password - If you secured MongoDB during installation, or are running GlobalCapture 3.0 or higher, this is required.

Once complete, simply click “Run”. It can take several minutes for the tool to run, but when complete you will be asked where to save the report.

The Report

The report provided will outline as much information about your Square 9 system as possible. Share this report with your Square 9 Sales representative.

Required Permissions

The Square 9 System Analyzer requires several permissions to run, if these permissions are not present on the account running the Analyzer, the tool will not run. For best results, logging on to your environment as the Square 9 service account, SSAdministrator tends to resolve most permissions issues. However, if you have another account you are using, the following permissions are required:

  • Access and Ownership of the Square 9 System and Document Databases

  • Access to MongoDB

  • Access to the location where images are stored

  • Read rights to the Square 9 Application directory.

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