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Upgrading GlobalSearch Server with a Remote SQL Instance


If GlobalSearch or GlobalCapture were originally installed to a local SQL server and then moved to a remote SQL server, the installer may try to apply updates to the default SQL instance: "(local)\GETSMART". This can be problematic if you have migrated your SQL databases to a remote SQL instance and no longer use the default instance.


Run the setup.exe from an administrative command prompt, using the parameter /v"IS_SQLSERVER_DO_NOT_USE_REG=1 IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER=<sqlserver> IS_SQLSERVER_AUTHENTICATION=0 ". Replace <sqlserver> with the name of your SQL server.

As with any upgrade, you must be running this as a user with full access to the SQL server, local administrator rights to the GlobalSearch Server, and domain admin rights (if the server is on a domain).

The example below shows how to do this with the GlobalSearch installer and a remote SQL instance called "S9SQL\GetSmart". Please note that you must run the command prompt as an administrator (right-click and select "Run as administrator").


cd C:\GSMedia\\AIO

Then, simply follow the on-screen instructions as normal to complete the upgrade.

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