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Extending the Sample Expressions list

Starting in GlobalSearch 6.3, Sample Expressions are available and can be leveraged to extend the input formatting on a field.

Customers with a need can extend the list of available expressions by adding them to the config.json in Square9Web (GlobalSearch’s base client folder). Adding items to the list will extend the default list, not replace it.

Example path. (Driver letter will vary for your install.)


"customRegExList": [{ 
  "name": "Social Security", 
  "value": "(?# ###-##-#### #)^(?!0{3})(?!6{3})[0-8]\\d{2}-(?!0{2})\\d{2}-(?!0{4})\\d{4}$"

Cloud customers can request additions be made to their default list by submitted a support ticket, but it’s assumed this would be a rare requirement.

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