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Blank Page When Loading Web Components in Internet Explorer

When browsing to GlobalSearch Web or GlobalCapture pages in Internet Explorer you may encounter a blank screen.  You will not be prompted to authenticate, and a blank browser window will remain in view.  This is typically related to browser settings.  By default, Internet Explorer displays what it determines "local" or "intranet sites" to be displayed in compatibility mode.  If you are experiencing a blank page problem when trying to connect, confirm this is the problem by opening IE's developer tools by pressing F12 on your keyboard and looking at the compatibility mode of the browser.

If you change this value to 11, it will refresh the page and you should be able to see content on the page you were trying to view.  This is only a temporary fix.  To prevent users from having to take these steps every time they launch a new browser session, additional steps are required.  Microsoft provides two ways to resolve this problem, listed below.  Alternately, you can use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge), which will not present this type of issue.

Changing Internet Explorer Settings

This method requires changing the settings on each individual machine in order to work. Depending on your group policy and local security settings, an administrator may need to assist in making these changes.

Change the compatibility view setting within Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on the Gear Icon 
    on the top right of your browser.

  2. Select Compatibility View settings on the drop down menu that appears.

  3. In the settings window that appears uncheck the option Display intranet sites in Compatibility View

  4. When you click on Close in the settings window, your browser will automatically refresh and the page you were trying to reach should display and/or you will be prompted for authentication credentials.

Your browser will remember these settings going forward.

Changing Settings via Group Policy

This setting can also be defined in a group policy that can be pushed out to domain users.  This is a network administrator level task that would only be used in scenarios where your network admin is familiar with Active Directory and Group Policies.

  1. Open your Group Policy Editor and navigate to:

    1. Computer Configuration →  Administrative Templates → Windows Components → Internet Explorer → Compatibility View

  2. Double click on Turn on Internet Explorer Standards Mode for local intranet

  3. Set the policy to Enabled and click on Apply and then OK

  4. Reboot your machine

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