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How Many GlobalCapture Cores Do I Need?

What Is A Core License?

A GlobalCapture Core license is essentially allotting physical or logical processing cores on a server to GlobalCapture to use openly and freely at its discretion. Cores are used for image manipulation, such as PDF Conversion or Image Cleanup, as well as used during data extraction and classification. Environments utilizing heavy OCR will likely need to increase their core count to maintain speed as their processing burden increases. Image Processing is CPU-heavy, and additional cores help to spread the burden across multiple processors, helping clients with a heavy document processing overhead maintain an expected level of document throughput. Additional cores can be licensed at any time and the update to the core licensing can be made very rapidly. Please contact your RSM in regards to any evolving processing needs.

Estimated GlobalCapture Throughput

(Note that these are rough estimates only, for GlobalCapture v2.0.2. Customer documents, hardware, software, and connectivity can  cause throughput to vary widely.)

Cores4 Hours8 HoursMonthYear
Single500 pages1000 pages20,833 pages250,000 pages
Dual1000 pages2000 pages41,666 pages500,000 pages
Tri1500 pages2000 pages62,500 pages750,000 pages
Quad2000 pages4000 pages83,333 pages1,000,000 pages
Eight4000 pages8000 pages166,666 pages2,000,000 pages
Twelve6000 pages12,000 pages250,000 pages3,000,000 pages

Server Processing Burden

Please be aware that “Cores” in the context of GlobalCapture may refer to a physical or logical processor. What this means is that at any point in time, GlobalCapture has as many cores as you have licensed to devote purely to image processing. GlobalCapture can be scaled nearly infinitely with the addition of extra engines and cores, but the burden of processing lies on the physical processors. What this means for the server or virtual machine that GlobalCapture is housed on is GlobalCapture will indiscriminately use up to 100% of it's allotted cores, with no regard for the other applications or processes running on the server. This should be kept in mind when designing or scoping out an environment. Additional cores in excess of the cores allocated to GlobalCapture may be suggested to maintain system stability of the capture server.

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