In previous versions of Capture Solutions, workflows that deposited documents into Inboxes would retain their original filename. Due to process changes, this is no longer the case by default. Instead, documents are assigned dynamically generated IDs in the form of a long hash. This may not be optimal for clients who used the filenames for indexing. We can achieve the same functionality with minor tweaks to the workflow. 


We're going to utilize your release node to directly deposit documents into the directory where the inbox lives and use the built in {p_originalfilename} variable to name the file in the inbox directory

Please be advised

This will require knowledge of where the inbox directory lives on your network or server. If you don't have this information, please consult with your systems admin to locate the directory.

  1. Open your workflow in the GlobalCapture Design module
  2. Locate the "Release" node that is depositing the file to the inbox
  3. Change the release method to use the "Release to File" instead of "Release to Inbox"
  4. This will allow you to input a filepath directly to your inbox of choice. Point the filepath to the Inbox directory. This can be a filepath or a UNC path. Please ensure that the SSAdministrator has adequate share permissions if using a UNC path
  5. Under the "File Naming Format" type in "{p" - this should prompt a dropdown menu. Select {p_OriginalFileName} and save the node.
  6. Once that is done save the workflow.

Your documents should now release to the inboxes with their original filename.