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Active Directory Common Issues

Problem: User Management is slow/unresponsive (large Active Directory)

In environments with larger Active Directories the User Management interface can take a while to load all of the users/groups. You can work around this by following the instructions below;


This functionality was added with GlobalSearch 6.1.111, you will need to be on or past that version to have this functionality accessible to you

There is a feature within User Management “User/Group Searching“, that when enabled changes the functionality of the User Management page so it doesn't load the entire AD on browsing. Instead, you can enter a specific user/group name and it will search for users/groups that contain that string.

  1. In User Management open the Setting menu indicated by a gear icon ⚙

  2. From the second tab “Options“ check the box for “Enable User/Group Searching“

Problem: User Management only showing Square 9 Users and groups.


There is an on by default setting starting with GlobalSearch 6.2.116 that controls this and hides Windows Users and groups. In order to show these you will have to;

Create or update C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Square9Web\UserManagement\config.json


Reload the page and you should now be able to view all Windows Users and Groups as expected.

The “hideWindowsUsersandGroups” is only on by default in GlobalSearch hotfixes 6.2.116-6.2.120

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