Some customers are reporting an Outlook display issue when selecting the 'Email PDF' option in GlobalSearch (with or without annotations) as seen below. This issue prevents them from populating subject, To:, CC: and BCC: boxes. The boxes appear to float over the text input boxes, but shifted down. They do not allow text input, rendering the ability to email a document impossible.


This can be resolved by removing the Outlook temp folder,but this could cause some data loss within Outlook, so it is crucial to copy or backup the Outlook temp folder prior to deleting it. 

  • Close Outlook and any Office programs.
  • Backup or Copy the Outlook temp folder typically found in C:\Users\Square 9\AppData\Local\Microsoft.( Type %temp% in file explorer and click on 'Local' from the Title Bar )
  • Delete the Outlook temp file.
    • Have the user open Outlook to make sure all their data is present
  • Relaunch GlobalSearch to test the 'Email PDF" functionality.