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How-to articles

How To Perform a GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture Server Migration@a userSept 21, 2023
How To Enable Caching Options in GlobalCapture@a userAug 22, 2023
Enabling Mongo Authentication@a userJul 18, 2023
Configure Cloud Bridge@a userJul 05, 2023
How To Perform A GlobalSearch SSL Switch-over@a userMar 09, 2023
How To Recreate GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture Services@a userDec 15, 2022
Server name change, IP change, SQL Server instance change@a userDec 02, 2022
Configure Service to Service Access for Dynamics 365 BC@a userNov 21, 2022
Construct a Direct Search URL@a userNov 03, 2022
How to configure Google Workspace provider authentication@a userNov 03, 2022
How To Identify And Defragment Fragmented SQL Indexes@a userOct 13, 2022
Setting Up an SMTP Relay For Mail Testing@a userApr 26, 2022
How To Manually Convert Capture Workflows into GlobalCapture Workflows@a userFeb 22, 2022
How To Configure Konica-Minolta bEST Connector To Use Automatic Authentication@a userJan 18, 2022
Shrinking Database Size@a userJan 18, 2022
How To Toggle Document Color In GlobalSearch Web@a userJan 18, 2022
How To Resecure Users to a SQL Database or Server@a userJan 18, 2022
How To Perform A Content Index Rebuild@a userJan 18, 2022
How To Install Microsoft Access Engine ODBC Connector@a userJan 18, 2022
Configuring Import Data And Docs With XML@a userJan 18, 2022

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