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How To Resecure Users to a SQL Database or Server

There are many events that would necessitate users needing to be re-secured to SQL. For example, if the Service Account for GlobalSearch or GlobalCapture needs to be changed, that account will need full access to our SQL Databases.

Adding users and giving them proper permissions is easy.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and Connect to the Database Engine containing the GlobalSearch/GlobalCapture Databases

  2. Expand the "Security" Folder in the Object Explorer

  3. Expand the "Logins" Folder under Security

  4. To CHANGE or MODIFY Permissions on your Service Account do the following:

    1. Right click your service account user (Typically SSAdministrator)

    2. Click Properties

    3. Once in the Properties window, click the "Server Roles" page and ensure your Service account is both in the "Public" and "Sysadmin" Role

    4. Click "User Mapping" - this will bring up a list of databases in your server

    5. Ensure all GlobalSearch databases are checked and the Database Role Membership is set to "db_owner"

      1. The system databases that need to have a secured user are as follows:

        1. SSMaster

        2. SSProcessing

        3. Square9Users (v4.2+)

        4. SSCapture (v4.4+)

      2. Additionally, your production or demo databases (IE - BrewHaven or Getsmart) need to be secured similarly

    6. Hit "OK" to save your changes

  5. To ADD a User to the Database do the following:

    1. Right click the "Logins" folder in the Object Explorer

    2. Click "New Login" - this will prompt the new user window

    3. Under "Login name:" enter your user, complete with domain or local name (IE - Mydomain\myusername or mysername@mydomain.local)

    4. From here follow steps 4a through 4f

You will need to make these changes with a user who is a member of the "sysadmin" role. If your user cannot see the databases when logging into SQL, it's likely an issue of insufficient permissions.

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