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How To Toggle Document Color In GlobalSearch Web

There may be some instances where toggling color in the web client is desirable. While some documents may need to be viewed in color, rendering a black and white or grayscale document may decrease document load times.

You can toggle color in the viewer by following the steps below to edit one of the Square 9 Web Config files.


1. Open File Explorer and navigate to: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\GlobalSearchViewer and open the web.config file

In GlobalSearch version 4.5 or older, go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Square9API instead

2. Add/change the following attributes. If they do not exist, simply copy and paste them from this KB into the web config under the <appsettings> block and set the value to either True or False (See below)

	<add key="ViewerDropColor" value="false"></add>
	<add key="ViewerUseGrayscale" value="false"></add>
  • Toggling ViewerDropColor to True will set the viewer to full black and white for all documents.

  • Toggling both ViewerDropColor and ViewerUserGrayscale to True will set the viewer to use grayscale for all documents

  • Toggling False for both will enable full color in the viewer.

3. Save the web.config file.
4. Open CMD as an Administrator and enter command: iisreset
5. Launch GlobalSearch Web. The documents should now Render in accordance with your config file parameters.

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