There may be some instances where toggling color in the web client is desirable. While some documents may need to be viewed in color, rendering a black and white or grayscale document may decrease document load times.

You can toggle color in the viewer by following the steps below to edit one of the Square 9 Web Config files.


1. Open File Explorer and navigate to: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\GlobalSearchViewer and open the web.config file

In GlobalSearch version 4.5 or older, go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Square9API instead

2. Add/change the following attributes. If they do not exist, simply copy and paste them from this KB into the web config under the <appsettings> block and set the value to either True or False (See below)

	<add key="ViewerDropColor" value="false"></add>
	<add key="ViewerUseGrayscale" value="false"></add>
  • Toggling ViewerDropColor to True will set the viewer to full black and white for all documents.

  • Toggling both ViewerDropColor and ViewerUserGrayscale to True will set the viewer to use grayscale for all documents

  • Toggling False for both will enable full color in the viewer.

3. Save the web.config file.
4. Open CMD as an Administrator and enter command: iisreset
5. Launch GlobalSearch Web. The documents should now Render in accordance with your config file parameters.