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GlobalCapture Updating GlobalSearch API References

GlobalCapture 3.0 updates the communication model between its server and GlobalSearch for proper linkage between Search and Action. This article outlines when and how the products communicate.

Capture Web Config

The GlobalCapture web.config now contains a key for how it’s API should be referenced. This could reflect an internal DNS name, IP address, or FQDN.

<add key="CaptureApiUrl" value="http://localhost/Square9CaptureApi" />

This key must be present and correctly reference the GlobalCapture API in a manner that is accessible to the GlobalSearch Server.


When a GlobalSearch portal is provisioned in Capture Administration, GlobalCapture will send the value referenced in the config noted above to the registered GlobalSearch instance. GlobalSearch will store that value in it’s own API web.config file.

<add key="CaptureApi" value="http://localhost/Square9CaptureApi" />

If this value is not correct or accessible, users will be unable to take queue actions from Search and will be unable use Task lists.

Environmental Considerations

There may be cases where you wish to manually control Capture’s ability to update Search’s reference to the capture API. This may be desirable when a customer has more than one capture environment releasing to a common GlobalSearch instance. In this case, a key will be manually added to the GlobalCapture API’s config:

<add key="CaptureOnly" value="true" />

When present, GlobalCapture will not update GlobalSearch with the value of its CaptureApiUrl.

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