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Create an Administrative Group

Cloud customers can enable admin level access for users by creating a new group in their environment called “GS Cloud Admin”. Any cloud users added to the group will assume admin privileges. Users in this group will not, by default, have access to all objects in a GlobalSearch Database. Any users, or the group itself, will need to be secured to objects in the GlobalSearch database for any document level tasks.

It should be noted that any user of the group would be able to access the administration interfaces to secure themselves to these objects. Being a member of this group gives the user the ability to make any security and access changes system wide.

Only users who would be considered Full Administrators should be added to this group.

On premise deployments of GlobalSearch can take advantage of this functionality as well by adding the following entry to the Square9API’s web.config:

<add key="PrimaryGroup" value="GS Cloud Admin" />

Note that adding a PrimaryGroup entry does not negate the SSAdmin group. Customers need to be on version 6.2.116 or greater to leverage primary group functionality.

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