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Configuring GlobalSearch to filter AD Users and Groups

By default, GlobalSearch User Management returns the entire active directory when returning unsecured users. This is problematic for customers with very large active directories since returning these lists can take time to retrieve and load. In order to speed this up, and allow for more organization, GlobalSearch 6.3 and greater allows the customer to specify organizational units and/or containers to pull the users from.


Configuration of this feature requires adding an entry to the Square 9 API’s web.config.

The key value pair urn:square9:usersecurity:windows:directory:containers can be added amongst all the other keys in the web.config. Using CN will specify containers (Folders) and OU allows for the specification of organizational units.

Consider the following example:


<add key="urn:square9:usersecurity:windows:directory:containers" value="OU=Accounting,DC=square9,DC=local;OU=Human Resources,DC=square9,DC=local" />

In this example, the domain is square9.local. You can specify a specific OU, or a specific CN, followed by the domain. Each segment (between the dots) of the domain must be specified separately with DC= in the value. Separate multiple OU’s or CN’s with a semi colon ( ; ).

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