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Documentation Changes

All documentation changes related to the GlobalCapture Spring 2023 / Version 3.0 release may be found here.

  • GlobalCapture Validation
  • Import a Workflow

    Capture Workflows can be imported in just a few basic steps. Export and import of workflows allows a customers to move workflows between environments which can aid in support and in setup of new environments.

  • Transporting Workflows
  • End Node

    The Node has no properties and does not display a Settings dialog box prior to version 3.0. Customers using GlobalCapture 3.0 or greater, will be prompted for configuration details.

  • Create, Edit, and Delete Workflows

    GlobalCapture Designer components can be arranged and connected in a variety of ways, enabling you to create both simple and complex Workflows. The Nodes selected, their order in the Workflow, and the various Node Settings allow for a great deal of design flexibility. Follow this outline for the basics of creating a new workflow.

  • Portal Management
  • Upgrade Preparation
  • PDF Conversion Settings
  • Bulk Update
  • Secured Search Menu
  • User Settings

    Batch management includes a number of user configured options to allow users work in the manner that best serves them.

  • SMTP Portals

    SMTP Portals, available in GlobalCapture 3.0 and higher, have a special configuration card that differs from other portal types and, as such, is separately described here.

  • Lock State

    As of version 3.0, lock state between Capture/Action and Search is managed in the GlobalSearch database. GlobalSearch keeps lock state data in the Lock column of ssFields.

  • Unambiguous Dates

    The ability handle unambiguous date input has been improved with the addition of numerous “fall through” formats. For date parsing to function, the GlobalCapture fields in question must be of type Date.

  • GlobalSearch Connectivity

    Version 3.0 introduces a new communication model between GlobalCapture and GlobalSearch which tracks document state and controls the availability of GlobalSearch documents for import into GlobalAction workflows.

  • Search Management
  • Important Notes & Changes for 3.0

    The following list of changes are of particular interest to existing customers upgrading their environments from previous versions. Partners and customers upgrading existing environments should read these notes in their entirety to determine what if any of these points apply to your configuration.

  • Barcode Settings
  • OCR/BCR Extraction Profiles

    Customers can now modify OCR and BCR extraction profiles directly in the browser.

  • MongoDB updates for 3.0

    MongoDB is updated and secured by default at the time of installation.

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