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Upgrade Preparation

Before Upgrading

There are some prerequisites which must be in place before upgrading from an earlier version of GlobalCapture. These include:

  • Specific hardware and software requirements, which are found in the Square 9 website and the Server Prerequisite page. For additional information, please contact your Square 9 Softworks reseller.

  • License reactivation is required. The upgrade will automatically re-register licenses for any features that are either core to the product or options which have been purchased, if there is internet access. Customers with servers that do not have an internet connection will need to manually re-register their installation.

Note that one or more system reboots will be required during the upgrade process.

Data and Documents Back Up

Before beginning an upgrade, it is extremely important to first back up all your data, Templates, and Workflows. Please refer to the Back Up GlobalCapture page for details.  This is especially important for a 2.1 upgrade since this version also upgrades the Mongo database engine used with GlobalCapture.

Login Permissions

To update, you will need to log into the server as a user who has server administrator permissions and have permissions to create databases within SQL Server. You will need to know the SSAdministrator password. If it is the default password, you will need to change it, as it will be used during the upgrade. Refer to the Change the SSAdministrator Password page for details.

  • Local Install – If you’re doing a local installation and there is no domain on your network, you must be logged into the GlobalCapture server as a local Administrator.

  • Domain Install – If you’re installing onto a domain server, you must log on as a Domain Administrator and have permissions to create users in the Active Directory.

  • Local Install on Domain Server – If your machine is connected to a domain even though the installation is local, logging on as a Domain Administrator is still highly recommended.

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