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Lock State

As of version 3.0, lock state between Capture/Action and Search is managed in the GlobalSearch database. GlobalSearch keeps lock state data in the Lock column of ssFields.

Lock states include:

In a Queue, waiting for an Action = 1
In a Queue, actively processing/in motion = 2
Errored = 3
Completed = 4
Ready = 5
Manually Completed = 6
Waiting = 7
In a wait, within an Action Queue = 8
In GlobalCapture Validation = 9
Document in Sub-Processing (OCR) = 10

The lock object in SSFields also now includes supporting information related to the process, including the workflow, the current queue, secured users/groups, etc.

Important Note When Editing Production Workflows
If a Queue action link gets renamed, previous batches actions cannot be executed until batch is moved back to the Queue node to update the available actions. Resynchronize GlobalAction from the GlobalSearch API portal will also update the available actions.

Sample Lock

  "processId":15,"processStatus":1,"workflowName":"PDF Conversion",
    "name":"Move Queue",
    "actions":[{"key":"-11UA-1","name":"End It"}]

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