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PDF Conversion Settings

The Convert node offers customers the ability to convert any document to a PDF formatted file. In addition, if offers the ability to convert an image only PDF to and Image + Text PDF. By manipulation OCR settings, a number of additional use cases are exposed for controlling document output.

Advanced settings are configured on the Advanced tab of a selected Extraction Profile. We recommend you always validate settings changes using a test profile before applying any changes to a production process.

Image Only PDF

In some cases, customers may wish to REMOVE any text layer from a document. This is common in Legal use cases. The Convert node can achieve this, of course, by converting the document to an image only format like Tiff. Alternately, an image only PDF can be output with this advanced setting in the [PDFExportParams] section:


Convert to Black and White

Dropping color from a document is a very effective way to decrease file size. Storing documents in a Black and White format will not only decrease overall storage requirements, but will also improve overall viewer performance. When converting to PDF, you can choose to make sure the output is a black and white PDF. In the [PDFExportParams] section:


File Size

Generally speaking, input equal output when it comes to file size. If GlobalCapture is processing a 50KB PDF file through PDF conversion, it will likely output a file right around that size. There are some exceptions to that rule, and those scenarios usually document specific. It is possible to make efforts to minimize file size in the convert node. In the [PDFExportParams] section:


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