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Create Archives - Advanced

  1. On the GlobalSearch toolbar, click on the Administration (
    ) icon.

  2. In the vertical Administration menu, select Archives.

  3. Select a database. A list of the Archives in the database will appear.

  4. Create a new Archive in one of two ways:

    • Click the Add (
      ) button to create a new Archive.  This creates the Archive at the root level in the Database.

    • Click the More Options (
      ) icon for the selected database and select New sub-archive from the interface that appears.

  5. Enter a name for the new Archive in the New Archive text box.

  6. Click Advanced and configure the Archive settings.

  7. Click Edit Fields in the Options group and, in the Edit Fields dialog that appears, assign at least one Field. (Refer to Assign Fields to Archives for details.)

  8. To override the default physical storage location for documents, deselect Default Base Path and enter a new, server relative path in the Base Path text box.

    If you have installed GlobalSearch using the default database locations, leave Use Default Path enabled to store your Archive files in a sub-directory of the default path created under c:\GlobalSearch\Archive\.

  9. Optionally, choose settings for Views, Email Notifications, Content Searches, Browse Searches, Converting to PDFs, and Revision Control.

  10. Click Save.
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