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ActionNode Class

Base class from which GlobalAction Nodes derive and define behavior.  Inherit from this class when building any GlobalAction node that will operate on a process after a document has entered a workflow.

public abstract class ActionNode : CustomNode


The following example defines an ExampleActionNode class that implements a Run method which logs the Database ID, Archive ID, and Document ID of the GlobalSearch document associated with the ActionProcess.

public class ExampleActionNode : ActionNode
    public override void Run()
        LogHistory($"Database ID: {Process.Document.DatabaseId}");
        LogHistory($"Archive ID: {Process.Document.ArchiveId}");
        LogHistory($"Document ID: {Process.Document.DocumentId}");


In order for your custom node to execute code during engine runtime, a class must be created that successfully inherits and implements either the 162169038 class, or the ActionNode or CaptureNode class that corresponds with the workflow type in which your node is placed. 

If you are designing a custom import node that defines a CaptureImporter or ActionImporter class, defining a node class within your assembly is optional, and will run on the processes created from your custom import methods.

The NodeDirectory field refers to a folder containing the files within the .s9n file executing on the process. This folder exists only as long as the specific process is executing the custom node, and is deleted when the Custom Node is finished.

If a CustomNode class is defined and a Run method is implemented on a Custom Import node, the code within the Run method will execute independently on every process spawned as a result of the Import Method (ActionImporter) or Import Method (CaptureImporter). Utilize this pattern to save space when a custom importer must perform actions specific to the processes it creates.


Represents the executing GlobalAction engine, containing methods and properties pertaining to engine information.

Represents a GlobalAction process in memory, containing properties, methods and classes for use in process manipulation.

Represents a node setting controlled by custom node interfaces within GlobalCapture.

Dictionary<string, string> Links 

List of available node links. You can move along these links by calling the SetNextNodeByLinkName function.

string NodeDirectory

Path to the directory containing files extracted from the custom node.

dynamic Workflow

Dynamic object containing the executing workflow. Changes made to this object will not be saved.


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