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ActionImporter Class

Base object from which custom Action Importers derive and define behavior.  Inherit from this class for any node that will begin a GlobalAction workflow process.

public abstract class ActionImporter


The following example defines an ExampleActionImporter class that implements an Import method which returns a single GlobalSearchDocument for import.

public class ExampleActionImporter : ActionImporter
    public override List<GlobalSearchDocument> Import()
		var documents = new List<GlobalSearchDocument>();
		documents.Add(new GlobalSearchDocument(1, 1));
		return documents;


If your custom node is designed as an importer for GlobalAction, a class must be defined within your assembly that inherits the class and implements the Import method from the ActionImporter class.

This class does not need to be defined on nodes that are not configured both as an import type and for the GlobalAction product type.

The NodeDirectory field refers to a folder containing the files within the .s9n file executing on the process. This folder exists only as long as the specific process is executing the custom node, and is deleted when the Custom Node is finished.

If a CustomNode class is defined and a Run method is implemented on a Custom Import node, the code within the Run method will execute independently on every process spawned as a result of the Import Method (ActionImporter) or Import Method (CaptureImporter). Utilize this pattern to save space when a custom importer must perform actions specific to the processes it creates.


Represents the executing engine, containing methods and properties pertaining to engine information.

Represents the settings set by a custom node, containing methods for retrieving setting values.

string NodeDirectory

Path to the directory containing files extracted from the custom node.

dynamic Workflow

Dynamic object containing the executing workflow. Changes made to this object will not be saved.


  • LoadConfig Method

    Returns a strongly typed object deserialized from the JSON data in the node.config file included in the custom node .s9n file.

  • Import Method (ActionImporter)

    The method that will run when an ActionImporter is picked up by the engine.

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