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Settings Class

Represents the settings set by a custom node, containing methods for retrieving setting values.

public class Settings


The following example demonstrates retrieving a few settings of various types using the Settings class. These settings are controlled by the user interface established by Custom Node HTML. In the following code, a target index and file path are retrieved from the node settings using GetIntSetting method and the GetStringSetting method. 

public class
    var targetPage = Settings.GetIntSetting("Target Page");
	var newPagePath = Settings.GetStringSetting("New Page Path");
	Process.Document.ReplacePage(targetPage, newPagePath);


The Settings class is the main way of interacting with custom node settings. It retrieves setting values that are controlled and set by the user interface of the custom node. Settings can be controlled in a default capacity within the Custom Nodes UI of the administration panel, or per workflow at design time, when a Custom Node is dropped onto the surface. The settings of a node are established by values entered into custom HTML stored in the node.html file within the custom node. Information about how to design Custom Node HTML can be found here: Designing Custom Node HTML.


Dictionary<string, Setting>

Dictionary containing the settings set by the Custom Node.


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