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Custom Nodes

Custom Nodes can be implemented in version 2.3 or greater of GlobalCapture.  Note that GlobalAction customers may also leverage Custom Nodes, but must also be on 2.3 or greater of Capture.

1. Learn how to build a Custom Node

  • Review this short video to understand the basics surrounding building a Node for GlobalCapture.

2. Download the Custom Node SDK

  • We recommend downloading the Custom Node SDK directly from your GlobalCapture Environment.  This will ensure you downloading a version that is appropriate for your installation.
  • Access the Custom Node SDK download from the Nodes menu of the GlobalCapture Administration page.
  • Unzip the the package and reference Square9.CustomNode.dll in any Custom Node project.
  • Develop the Node as a .NET class library.  Refer the the SDK documentation for classes and methods exposed for consumption.

3. Add a Custom Node

  • From the GlobalCapture Administration page, click Nodes.
  • Click the Menu FAB (floating action button) icon in the bottom right corner of the interface, and choose Upload DLL.
  • The New Node window will display.  Provide all required configuration details, any additional files and settings required for the node, and click Save.  The Node is now ready to be added to a workflow and executed.

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