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Properties Class

Represents the properties of a process, containing methods for getting and setting property values.

public class Properties


The following example demonstrates getting and setting property values using the Properties class.

var firstName = Process.Properties.GetSingleValue("First Name");
var lastName = Process.Properties.GetSingleValue("Last Name");
var fullName = firstName + " " + lastName;
Process.Properties.SetSingleProperty("Full Name", fullName);

Some system properties can be useful for various tasks. Access the string value as described above, like:

var filePath = Process.Properties.GetSingleValue("FilePath");
  • FilePath
    The file path to the file in process. If you need access to the complete document, FilePath is the go to option. Do note, if your document has been separated into individual pages in the capture process, you will need to call Process.Document.MergePages() prior.

  • ActiveTemplate
    Document template used to classify the document.

  • ValidationUser
    The last user to validate and save.

  • OriginalFileName
    The files original name. If you need to output the original file name, or interrogate that name for data, start here.

  • ScanUser
    The user who scanned the document. Only relevant for users scanning through GlobalCapture’s scan client.

  • ReleasedFilePath
    The output file path. Only relevant if accessed AFTER a release to file step.


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