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SetTableFieldProperty Method

Sets the value of a table field process property.

public void SetTableFieldProperty(string name, Dictionary<string, List<string>> tableValues);

Classes: Properties


string name

Name of the property to set.

Dictionary<string, List<string>> tableValues

Table values to set to the property.


The following example demonstrates adding a row of data to a table field property. The table data is returned from the GetTableFieldValues method as a Dictionary<string, List<string>>. The key of the dictionary represents a column field's name, and the value of the dictionary represents the cells of data belonging to that column. The example table field property has two columns, and a new cell is inserted into each with values corresponding to the name of the column field.

var tableData = Process.Properties.GetTableFieldValues("Table Field");
var cellOneValue = "100";
var cellTwoValue = "200";
foreach (var column in tableData)
    switch (column.Key)
        case "Cell One": // Column field is named "Cell One"
        case "Cell Two": // Column field is named "Cell Two"
Process.Properties.SetTableFieldProperty("Table Field", tableData);


If no property can be found by the parameter "name", an InvalidOperationException will be thrown.

This method will execute successfully on property regardless if it is backed by a table field value field in the field catalog. 

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