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LoadConfig Method

Returns a strongly typed object deserialized from the JSON data in the node.config file included in the custom node .s9n file.

public T LoadConfig<T>();

Classes: CustomNodeCaptureImporterActionImporter

Type Parameters


Type of config object.



An object of type T deserialized from the JSON in node.config.


The following example demonstrates loading a user defined type object from a config.json file of appropriate design.

First, let it be assumed that the config.json file within the custom node .s9n holds the following JSON data: 


This JSON object holds property values for properties named "Source" and "Destination".

Your custom code can de-serialize this information into a C# object like so:

// MyConfig class is defined as such
class MyConfig
    public string Source { get; set; }
    public string Destination { get; set; }
public override void Run()
    // Loading the config object from config.json
    var myConfig = LoadConfig<MyConfig>();
	// Read the values
	LogMessage(myConfig.Source) // C:\Source
	LogMessage(myConfig.Destination) // C:\Destination


The type passed to the LoadConfig method can be as primitive or as complex as needed, provided the JSON data inside config.json can successfully deserialize to the destination type.

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