The method that will run when a CustomNode is called by the engine.

public abstract void Run();

Classes: CustomNodeActionNodeCaptureNode


The following example defines an ExampleNode class that implements a 162169880 method which gets a first name and last name from a Process' properties, and sets a full name to a third "Full Name" property.

public class ExampleNode : CustomNode 
    public override void Run()
        var firstName = Process.Properties.GetSingleValue("First Name");
        var lastName = Process.Properties.GetSingleValue("Last Name");
        var fullName = $"{firstName} {lastName}";
        Process.Properties.SetSingleProperty("Full Name", fullName);


You cannot derive a class from CustomNode and successfully compile your assembly unless you override this method. 

If your CustomNode is designed as an import node, deriving a class from CustomNode and implementing a 162169880 method is optional. Custom importers can successfully spawn processes without a 162169880 method executing on each process spawned. 

If a CustomNode class is defined and a 162169880 method is implemented on a Custom Import node, the code within the 162169880 method will execute independently on every process spawned as a result of the Import Method (ActionImporter) or Import Method (CaptureImporter). Utilize this pattern to save space when a custom importer must perform actions specific to the processes it creates.