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Install and Configure Launch

The Launch extension enables both Launch and Email functionality in GlobalSearch. If Launch is not enabled, you will not see any Launch-related menu items in the GlobalSearch menus, and Email menu items will open documents as PDF in the browser's default PDF viewer. Launch and Email functions are available on the Actions menu of the GlobalSearch Document Viewer.  Using Launch requires that a user have Export Document, Launch Document, and Modify Annotation permissions on the document's Archive.

The Launch feature works by calling a host application installed on a client's computer.  When Launch is clicked, the host application is executed and passed a path to the file.  Additionally, any command line parameters from the Argument field of the Launch Entry are passed.  Using command line parameters, you can extend launch functionality beyond the scope of document edits.  For example, passing /t to Adobe Acrobat (acrord32.exe) will automatically print a document of file type PDF.  Refer to the documentation for your specific host applications to understand how you might be able to leverage Launch functions to automate specific tasks.

Mapping document file types to applications and email clients is done in the Launch table. Use the Launch Queue to select which launched documents to save into GlobalSearch in the Launch Queue interface.

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