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GlobalSearch Browser Client

If you enjoy the convenience of a browser based experience but demand the features of a desktop based content management application, GlobalSearch is exactly the solution you’ve been waiting for. As a true cross platform application, the GlobalSearch web client supports modern browsers, allowing full access to document content and workflow processes from both Windows and Mac environments.

With the GlobalSearch web client you can enjoy anywhere, anytime access to your critical business content no matter where you are in the world through an interface that can be language localized on demand. The pragmatic simplicity of a grid based look and feel lends itself beautifully to a workspace that’s designed for the both the casual and power user alike. With an intuitive table based presentation of your stored content, GlobalSearch allows you to perform all common actions from an easily understood display of information.

Simply hover over a row and quickly see a thumbnail preview of your document. Need to make a quick change to the how a record is filed? With the proper permissions the information presented can be fully edited on the fly. You can even update multiple records at once with a quick search and replace feature.

The key to bringing local desktop functionality to the web browser is by being able to marry the two worlds so that local resources can be called on as needed. GlobalSearch delivers these resources through our powerful Extensions platform to bring powerful functionality to the web based user community like never before.

GlobalSearch delivers all this added efficiency and productivity wrapped in a granular security model that allows you to control who can access, edit or share your content. With critical Audit Trail functionality GlobalSearch gives you immediate insight into who viewed, edited, emailed or moved a document and much more.

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