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GlobalSearch Extensions Management

The key to bringing local desktop functionality to the web browser is the ability to connect the two so you can call on local resources as needed. GlobalSearch leverages Square 9's powerful Extensions platform to bring enhanced functionality to the web-based user community. Many features in the GlobalSearch ecosystem are enabled and/or extended through using GlobalSearch Extensions platform. GlobalSearch Extensions enables tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to support just using a browser. With extensions installed on your Windows desktop, the management page may be accessed from GlobalSearch or from the GlobalSearch Extensions application running in the Windows System tray.

Note that while GlobalSearch extensions are easy to use with a click of a button, in some situations you may wish to consult your IT specialist when installing them on your machine. (There may be security settings on your computer and GlobalSearch or settings for an extension which your IT department could best implement.) Extensions are installed and configured locally, using the Extensions Manager interface.

To use any Extension features, or to install or configure any specific extension components, the Extensions tray application must be running. The application starts automatically when you log into Windows.  Look for the Extensions icon in your Windows system tray. If the application is not installed, follow the setup instructions here. If the application is installed and not running, double-click on the Extensions shortcut icon on your Windows desktop.

To launch the Extensions Manager, click the Extensions icon in the top-right side of the GlobalSearch toolbar or double click the Extensions icon in your Windows system tray.

Check pop-up blocking in your browser:

If your browser aggressively blocks popups, it can potentially block the GlobalSearch Extensions Manager from opening. If this happens, allow popups from GlobalSearch web pages in your browser, or launch Extension from the system tray icon.

The GlobalSearch Extensions Manager allows users to enable specific features and, where appropriate, configure those features.

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