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Launch Queue

The Launch Queue allows for visibility into documents that are currently launched from the GlobalSearch Web client. When GlobalSearch launches a document, it attempts to keep track of the application that the file has opened in. While the document is in the "launched" state, GlobalSearch continually listens for the native application to release the document. When it does, GlobalSearch will upload the new document to the GlobalSearch repository and replace the version currently in GlobalSearch.


If keeping track of incremental changes made via Launch is important to your business process, be sure to enable the Versioning feature on any Archives that will store these documents.

While the Queue keeps track of all launched files and can be accessed at any time, it's primary purpose is to allow users to manually control when a launched file is sent back to the GlobalSearch server. (This is the "Manual Monitoring mode.") This is necessary because some applications do not operate in a manner that allows GlobalSearch to know when it is done with a document. Other applications only operate this way when specific arguments are passed to it when it is started (which GlobalSearch users can provide in the Launch Table). It's important that you test any native applications with the Launch feature to be comfortable with how this cross-application interaction works. Do so by launching test files from GlobalSearch into the native application, making changes, and ensuring those changes are reflected in GlobalSearch. If you have an application that does not properly trigger the upload of documents back into GlobalSearch, you will need to adjust the Launch Entry for the specific file type(s) that the application handles. Enter the parameter "/square9_manual_monitor" in the Argument text box.

When specifying /square9_manual_monitor as an argument, you are telling GlobalSearch it does not need to attempt to keep track of application state for the given file extension. Using this argument, users will be responsible for ensuring file edits are sent back to GlobalSearch by using the Launch Queue interface.


If you are using the Launch Queue as part of your Workflow, users must be educated that launched files should be saved or discarded regularly. If changes are not saved, they will never be sent back to the GlobalSearch repository.

Any time /square9_manual_monitor is used, the Launch Queue dialog will appear. Each entry in the list will be identified by the calling application (this example uses "winword.exe") and the temporary file name used for the file while it's being edited.  

Launch Queue

In Launch Queue, users must select an item from the list before taking any actions. Actions available from the Launch Queue interface should only be used when using the /square9_manual_monitor argument. Users can choose one of the following:

  • Click Discard Changes to remove an item from the list and abandon any changes that were made.
  • Click Save Changes to send any changes made in the native application back to GlobalSearch.
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