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Classify Node

Classify Node

Use the Classify Node to perform OCR text-based extraction on the pages of your documents and then attempt to match the extracted data to your GlobalCapture Templates. When no OCR data exists for a document, the Classify Node will perform the requisite OCR steps.  Subsequent Classify Nodes will not need to OCR the document pages again unless an operation that can impact a page (Image Cleanup, Validation) occurs.  Documents can be compared to one, several, or all of the available Templates, and the first Template which matches the document becomes the active Template. With the status “Classified,” the document can continue in the Workflow. If no existing or specified Template matches, the document would be given the status “Unclassified” and follow a different route through the Workflow.

Classify Node Settings dialog.

  1. Drag the Classify Node from the Nodes Pane to the Design Canvas.

  2. In the Classify Node Settings dialog that appears, enter a unique name and a description for the Node.

  3. To use specific OCR Templates to perform extraction against, enable Apply Only Selected OCR Templates.  This is off by default. If it is not enabled, then the document is checked against all of the available Templates in the order listed and uses the first Template that matches for each document processed by the Node.

  4. To restrict the process step to specific OCR Templates, in the Apply Only Selected OCR Templates group, drag one or more OCR Templates from the Available OCR Templates list to the Applied OCR Templates list.

  5. Enable Data Validation when you require that Field values match the type of field the Zone is allocated to before they can be extracted or qualified.
    This is off by default. When off, values may be passed into Zones, even if they do not match the data type mapped to the Field. Note that this will affect results from some Templates. Require Zones will classify a document regardless of its data type.

  6. Click Save.

Select Condition

  1. To assigned the workflow path for a classified document, drag a Connection from the Classify Node to the next Node in the Workflow and, in the Conditional Select dialog that appears, click Classified.
    Use this when the document has been identified and a Template that matches the document has been selected.

  2. For unclassified documents, drag a Connection from the Classify Node to another Node in the Workflow.  The Conditional Select dialog will appear with Unclassified selected by default. Use this to handle scenarios where no matching Template was found for the document. Create a process path in the Workflow to deal with unclassified documents, such as removing them from the Workflow or sending them to the Validation Station. Then a user with permissions can create a RapidAdapt Template to classify the new type of document.

    Conditional Select dialog.


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