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What's New

GlobalSearch Desktop

The GlobalSearch desktop client has seen a number of updates with the release of 6.1. 

  • Most notably, the visual appearance of the application has been updated to reflect Square 9's overall application styling.  The desktop and browser clients are more visually similar in an effort to minimize experience issues when users move from one client to another.
  • In an effort to improve feature parity and functional equivalence, the desktop client has been updated to leverage the same API backend in use by the browser client.  Previously, desktop operations we driven by a legacy API set that is now completely deprecated.
  • The desktop client is now only a user client.  No admin functions are available in the desktop.  All admin operations are managed exclusively in the browser.
  • Desktop client deployments are now served from a web accessible location, and are now an option for Cloud customers.  GlobalSearch C2 customers can now use the client that best serves there user community.  NOTE: The installation location for the Desktop client has changed.
  • Desktop client installation no longer require elevated permissions.  Non-admin users can install the desktop client to the workstations without issue.

User Management

Security and user management functions have been updated and significantly enhanced.

  • Users are now presented with a login page, rather than relying on the browser's authentication prompt.  Users logging in through a 3rd party provider (Okta, Azure) will have provider specific login buttons available to them (Login with Okta).
  • User management functions now launch in their own browser tab.
  • Authentication from 3rd party authentication services, specifically Okta and Azure Active Directory.  These new authentication options provide single sign-on capabilities, in addition to any other authentication security protocols enforced by the provider (MFA, password history retention, etc), using an OAuth2/OpenID Connect login flow.  Account provisioning via SCIM is also supported, allowing for accounts created / provisioned in 3rd party providers to be automatically created in GlobalSearch and added to groups when specified.
  • Groups have been added to the Square 9 user model, allowing for an easier approach to user administration in environments where there are larger numbers of users or when users may change roles frequently.
  • User management tools have been updated to include a new Component (Database, Archive, Search) display.  We believe the original "User" display (which is still the default) is extremely efficient for setting / resetting permissions for a user, collection of like users, or groups.  For modifying existing permissions, or understanding what permissions are set for a specific component, the new view speeds and simplifies administration.
  • To be more consistent with current web standards, Square 9 user accounts now default to using email address as the default user account name.  Customers wishing to maintain current standards, or who otherwise wish to leverage a different username format may still do so.
  • Password complexity can now be enforced by providing a regular expression for Square 9 users.  The default complexity for users now requires that a password must contain 8-20 characters, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 digit, and 1 symbol (@#$%).  Cloud customers may request changes of enforcement rules through support, and the administrator can modify the rules in on premise environments.
  • QuickStart now supports the ability to create of Groups, and Groups may be transported in database packages.  When exporting databases with secured groups, it's important to note that users that are members of secured groups will also transfer with the package.
  • Secured/Unsecured User and Group lists can now be filtered, speeding up access to the right accounts when looking to set permissions.
  • A new user database is part of the Square 9 deployment, and should be added to any backup plans (Square9.IdentityManager).  

Deployment Reorganization

For better adherence to Windows standards, and to simplify the installation process, GlobalSearch installations will deploy to a new location for both new installs and in place upgrades.

  • All Square 9 application files now deploy to the server's Program Files folder, in a directory named Square 9 Softworks.
  • The Square 9 Client Installation Folder (desktop client install) is now located in a web accessible location (Square9API/Desktop_Client/release).  This move enables an easier deployment option for desktop users, particularly those in the cloud.
  • AdminAuthenticationSettings.xml is no longer leveraged by GlobalSearch.  On installation / upgrade, settings from this file are now added to the Windows Registry.


  • Inboxes are now available to web client users.
  • GetSmart (SOAP Web Services) and Square9Rest (Square 9 API version 1) have been completely deprecated as of this release.  In the unlikely event a customer is leveraging either API set for some outside integration, those integrations should be updated to leverage the current version of Square 9's RESTful API.
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