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Create Square 9 Groups

Groups can be leveraged to greatly simplify security management in GlobalSearch.  Create one or more groups, secure them, and add users to the groups that match the user's security requirements.  Group permissions are additive.  If a user is a member of multiple groups on an Archive, that user's permissions will reflect the combined total permissions of all groups the user is a member of.  We do not recommend you attempt to blend user and group permissions on a single archive.  If a user is secured with Group permissions, the permissions should be all Group permissions, with no direct user permissions applied.

When using 3rd party authentication providers, user accounts provisioned by the 3rd party source (via SCIM) can be added to Square 9 groups directly.  You can not add Windows accounts to Square 9 groups.  When using Windows accounts, group membership is controlled by the customer Active Directory.  These accounts will not display in the list of available users.


  1. To create a Group, in the Users & Groups panel of the Square 9 User Administration section, click the Edit tab, then click the Groups button.

  2. In the Edit Groups panel, provide an email address, password, and password confirmation.  Note that username must conform to a valid email address.

  3. Click Add Group.

  4. Provide a Group Name and click Add.

Adding Users to Groups

One or more users can be added to any group.  Select a Group from the Edit Groups panel, then select one or more users.  Click Update Group to add the users.

When managing users and groups, users that have been added to a group will always show highlighted when the group is selected.  If you wish to see only users in the group, or only users excluded from the group, use the filter toggle buttons to the right of the User Filter.  To find a specific user or group in larger lists, type the user or group name in the corresponding Filter text box.

The users list in the Edit Users panel will also show what groups a user is a member of:

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