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Version 6.1/6.2

Technical Details

Items warranting specific attention in this release include:

  • Identity Manager - This release introduces new componentry for user authentication.  These changes we implemented to better support 3rd party authentication providers like Okta and Azure AD.
  • 3rd Party Authentication - Support for single sign on from 3rd party sources like Okta and Azure AD, in addition to user provisioning from these sources through SCIM.
  • Desktop Client - Deployment processes for the desktop client have changed.  Click here for more details on how to deploy the desktop client.

Resolved Issues

Resolved issues includes customer reported defects and enhancements, in addition to internally logged and reported items (which represents the bulk of the list in most release cycles).  Contact Square 9's technical support team if you have specific questions about a fix in this release.

Issue IDDescription
11958DocuSign: Signatures do not return if the docusign account name does not match the callback URL 
6397Desktop: Square 9 Users are unable to see any inboxes if "Show all Inboxes" option is OFF 
11257Desktop: Viewer save action overwrites read-only field values set by GA 
11153Viewer: Printing specific PDF/A documents in GS Viewer returns an error
11166Data XChange fails in the web when using a case-sensitive SQL server data source
11255License manager only shows first 25 active licenses 
4547User Admin: Popup message is displayed for each search select action 
3275DocuSign: Retriever fails when archive is versioning  enabled
4576Admin: 'Content Search Enabled' check-box is disabled for archive searches 
8273Export, Email, Print leaves left-over temp files on server
11263Provide Inbox sorting options in Administration 
8250Print: Add option to include annotations or not 
5219Install: Ability to pass SQL Authenticated user in the install 
11899Index data fails to save for document w/ digital signature in an archive with a Page Count system field 
4266Desktop: KFI on table field grid, tab key moves to the next cell, but KFI cursor doesn't 
9066Unable to see specific .msg file in Desktop and Web
11582Quickbooks: Sync fails if company name starts with number 
11052LicenseClean: Group License rules are not exempt from license specific rules
10632If a connection failure occurs to SQL, all user licenses can be released.
11245Users are unable to open 'Related Searches' in a new browser tab when holding down CTRL 
3284Viewer: Next button click displayed page does not refresh for specific 15MB PDF 
10303Activities converting document with template fields incorrectly update field values
10904Automatic lease reactivation may fail with certain rest bin paths 
11291Viewer document operations on Form Fillable PDF corrupts the file 
9161Mouse wheel scroll on ribbon triggers error in Desktop Client 
11745Viewer: Annotation context menu and properties modal don't display centered
10518Assembly Bound Lists pull from ssListValues instead of pulling live from data source
5918SQL Indexes are randomly missing for tables: SSFields, ssFieldTable 
5917Add SQL indexes to ssAudit table 
4649Web Admin: consider provide a warning for deleting a search 
10327UserManagement: Allow searching of Secured/Unsecured user lists 
9902Export to CSV: File picker is a File Open dialog instead of a File Save Dialog 
8571Web Administration: DB Rebuild Index errors if no MV field values are present 
11525Viewer: Specific pdf insert from file corrupts original document
2674Versioning: Append from grid action does not increment version 
4845Administration: 'Create unique folder name' option is missing for Create Archive 
11252Email Attachments: Desktop Client error for email with msg attachment 
10573Viewer: Content Search result shows 'Error: Document has no text data' and return no hits on certain documents 
10572Desktop Viewer: Add Row if you press Tab key in the last table cell while in edit cell mode 
10562Desktop: Using tab key in conjunction with KFI and table fields can cause the GS LAN client to crash 
7142Search: dropdown list options not visible after Refine Search 
8758Extra license entries getting added to Licenses table 
4537Admin: prompt user with delete confirmation message when deleting data Xchange source 
4603Admin: Web-only Read-only license user can be set as DB Admin and access Administration 
10125Viewer: Insert/Replace from Scan fails when image/image signature annotation is present 
8955Admin: FAB button disappears when switching to other cards with 3-dot menu open 
4635Admin: do not show Versioning fields in the Archive View Status Field list 
7242Admin: Long field names cause layout issue in field editor 
10694DXC mappings persist after deleting a field 
4661Admin: add a warning when user tries to save a root archive search without any archives selected 
7710User Management: improve error message on user password validation 
7980Admin: Browser refresh presents user selected DB2 with default DB1 archives 
9822Viewer: User does not receive 'Are you sure you want to discard changes' when closing bursted document without having saved 
7864User Management: Users with multiple spaces only display with one space 
2038Admin: Unable to change Full License Type to Web 
9485Database Admin' checkbox displays check-mark when both secured and unsecured users are selected 
8958Admin: renaming table field to an existing field causes display issue if not cancelled properly 
8956Admin: table field can be created with a name of just spaces 
4637Admin: "Grant permission to all users of this archive" option should not be available for root archive search 
4605User Admin: Search Security is incorrectly retrieved after saving changes 
4604User Admin: Apply Security for indeterminate search security spins forever 
8427Do not allow duplicate names for DataXChange source 
10643Field Catalog: Fields are automatically re-ordered alphabetically when editing field name 
7359Admin: do not show MV fields in Edit View Status Field dropdown 
4599Admin: do not allow archive "Convert Documents to PDF" ON without Content Search ON 
4544Admin: Delete all characters in the 'Field Name' and the Field card disappears
10772Viewer: KFI doesn't respect the 'Use local Data Extraction' GSE setting 
11364Admin: Manage Stamps menu is not usable for DB Admin of all existing DBs 
10078Export to CSV File can not be exported WITHOUT column headers. 
11435Quick Start: Make email field not required if "Allow Separate Username" is ON 
11634User Management: Add inboxes wording to guided tour 
11020Optionally, show document history by default on open.
10398Performance related configuration options for viewer
10802Viewer: Make large dropdown lists display as typeahead lists with drop down enforcement
10785Token Bypass Key Header Generation will fail in time zones east of GMT - HOTFIX 
10856Fields cannot be deleted from Field Catalog
10832Export data from grid as CSV 
10521Limited results from large user/group sets when querying AD
2381Import: Read-Only Email index fields do not save
6156File Xchange cannot open files properly in Chrome, Notepad, Adobe on Win 7 OS 
10598Task searches are not displayed in User Settings 
10296Tasks only show on last set DB, unable to set on multi DBs at a time 
10816Email address is not included when retrieving unsecured/secured users using the API 
6027File XChange Search Security: Current archive documents are shown even if search does not look in it 
11701SQL Upgrade script does not adjust dependencies on Modify Pages, Document, and Annotations of Inboxes 
9007Image XChange: Search criteria containing special character \ breaks the search 
9802Image XChange: content search results not highlighted when single document result opened up in the Viewer 
11622Send to Docusign does not work if template file is replaced
10806Users must manually change Drive Cache Path in order to start File XChange drives using identical drive letter 
8445Quick Start: Ask for confirmation when trying to add a s9user with the same name as an existing windows user 
3884Show warning when creating a S9 user with the same name as an already existing domain user 
5701Admin: disable List option when a field is set as a system field 
5803Admin: provide data type for available fields 
6031Spaces in field name will be automatically cut down to 1 space in display 
2304Unable to logout if user only has access to 1 DB 
3789ssImpEngine license is not released if Field is used to create new archive for ReleaseToArchive 
4461Allow DB Admins to access User Management menu 
9830Archive update does nothing on a secondary archive in a multi-archive search 
9838Bulk update doc count incorrect on progress bar when csv search file contains multiple entries 
491Unable to Cancel login form 
10313Disable related searches button at index time 
4217Changes on language must be saved individually but others don't 
7088User Management: Cancelling user selection does not completely reset form 
7085Enhancement for login failed notification 
4602User Admin: Failed to retrieve unsecured users and groups
8510Acronym-appended DXC source created if target DXC settings menu was opened and saved in GSW 
11563Installer Modify option shows ssDroid path 
11881Content Search enabled CHILD Archive rebuild index action does not index existing documents 
4328Demo Inboxes contain file Thumbs.db 
11261Desktop session not terminated after its license is returned - specific case 
7042Desktop: annotation not burnt when indexing from inbox with no Modify annotation permission 
2763Versioning: Document Parent ID = -2 for GSW Move action 
6262SalesDemo install type on AD only VM fails 
11993Installer fails if GlobalSync cloud drive has more free space than C drive 
2156License Accessed Date does not update every minute while document is launched in external app 
7036Desktop: Duplicate Document for user without Modify Annotation permission fail 
592Launch document from desktop - main frame actions all fire after native application is closed 
1900Data XChange: No permissions check when retrieving matches 
434Timeout exception when choosing to display 200000 records per page 
7027Deszktop KFI active field moves when a new page is loaded through "Jump To" 
2177Email Attach Files Error for specific pdf 
4613Desktop able to save changes to DWG file with "Do NOT save changes to CAD drawings" ON 
12028French Canadian server causes invalid value in GetFileSize, breaking send email. 
2089Convert Documents to PDF: Append from grid action does not trigger conversion 
4593D&D doc from inbox to archive leads to "error in deserializing the stream" 
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