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Manage Field Lists

The use of lists in fields is essential to any ECM strategy. Lists provide a high level of standardization that allow users to quickly index and retrieve information with little or no interpretation of how it should be named. Optionally, Lists can be presented as the standard drop-down variety or as a "type ahead" where users begin entering a few characters to be presented with the available options. Selecting your preferred option for working with lists is determined during Field configuration. Lists can also be bound to another application (like your financial or human resources application) so that maintenance of the list is performed in only one place and the lists are always in sync.

High-Speed Data Entry

Many data-entry professionals prefer a type-ahead approach to list management because it allows them to work at a higher rate of speed. By not requiring their hands to ever leave the keyboard to touch the mouse and select a drop-down menu, data entry proficiency is improved dramatically.

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