1. On the Field Catalog toolbar, click Lists. A list of any existing Lists in the database will appear.

  2. Click the More Options (
    ) icon for the selected List and click Edit.

  3. Make changes in the List Editor as described in the Create Field Lists page.

  4. Click Save.

Arrange Values With the End User in Mind

Listing the values in a particular order (by frequency of use, for instance) can make the List more usable. However, when using the Type Ahead feature this is not necessary. Typing a character will return values starting with that character, no matter where they are located in the List.

Update List Values Thoroughly

If you replace a value in a List, any records currently using that value are not automatically updated and can no longer be searched for and found with the deleted value. When editing a List value, it is a good idea to first add a new, updated value to the List, then find all the documents with the old value, and (using the Document Viewer, Search Results Grid View, or Update Documents feature) then replace the old value with the new value. Once that is done, return to the Field Catalog and remove the old value from the List.