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List Options

An Index Field without a List is the default setting in GlobalSearch. There are two types of Field Lists; Standard, and Dynamic.

Pick Lists

A Standard Pick List is a list of choices for the Field where users may select a value. It can be set as either a drop-down or a type-ahead type of list.  Standard Pick Lists can of a Dropdown or Typeahead style.

A Dropdown List provides a set list of Index Field values for users to choose from. This keeps Index Field data values consistent, so that searching is more complete and accurate. A Drop Down List is indicated by a drop-down button to the right of the Index Field. Drop Down Lists are usually used when there is a need to restrict user input, such as document type, GL code, or department name. List’s with greater than 100 values will default to typeahead lists.

 A Typeahead List provides a suggested list of values as users type data into a Field. A Type Ahead List field is particularly useful for data values which are frequently misspelled, long, complex, or otherwise time-consuming to type, such as customer or company name.  Typeahead lists offer suggested input that can be selected, but can also be overridden by the user.

Dynamic Pick Lists

A Dynamic Pick List allows you to filter drop-down fields in a pick list based on information selected in a separate, related field. Pick lists used to build Dynamic Pick Lists must be drop-down lists and the Dynamic Pick List cannot be a Multi-Value List. Use a Dynamic Pick List, for example, to first select a car from a list of vehicle manufacturers; it will then show only models based on the make of car selected.

There are two levels of dependency that can be specified for a Dynamic Pick List. The primary level is required and contains a list of only regular Field List values. The secondary is optional and may have conditional Fields besides regular Field List values. The Lists and their values used can be different (like car models from different dealers) or can be reused (like the same colors for this dealer’s cars and also that dealer’s cars). You can use Dynamic Pick Lists in Index Fields and in Table Fields

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