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Human Resources Import with Coverpages


Scanning and digitally storing Human Resources records is one way to greatly improve efficencies in your Human Resources department. This workflow enables you to leverage Square 9’s CaptureQR to help you index documents quickly and easily, regardless if you have one record or thousands of records to scan.

Adding the Workflow

This workflow can be downloaded directly from Square 9’s Cloud Solution Delivery Network. Click here to learn how to download Square 9’s pre-built workflows.

Modifying the Workflow For Your Environment

After importing your workflow, you need to make a few modifications to make it production ready. To do so, do the following:

Open Your Workflow

  1. Navigate to the GlobalCapture Design interface by navigating to your GlobalCapture Home Page.

  2. Select Design

  3. Select Workflow > Open Workflow

  4. Select your Workflow, Business Essentials - Human Resources - Import

  5. Click Open

Add Your Import Node

Depending on how you plan to import documents, you will need to add an Import Node into GlobalSearch.

  1. On the left hand side, drag your import node from the Nodes Panel and connect it to the first node, the Text PDF creation node.

  2. Configure your Node Settings and select Save.

  3. Select Workflow > Save to commit your changes.

If you are a GlobalCapture CTS customer, you can add the CTS Direct Connect node to import files from a local source or leverage the Import node to import things for importing from a folder or email account.

Configuring Security

Your newly imported workflow has security preconfigured. The “Human Resources” group has the ability to review and action documents.

To add users, groups or learn more about group management, visit this page.


Your workflow is built for the Square 9 Business Essentials platform and your documents should be released to the “Human Resources” archive.

Process Overview

Document Import

Documents are imported based on how you configure your import node, but can be ingested into your workflow in multiple ways, including email, desktop scanner, or watchfolder import.


Documents are automatically separated using the CaptureQR coversheet, which is available here.


Any documents which fail to match a template will be stopped in validation for a member of “Human Resources” group to review. When performing validation, a user will have 3 options:

  • Delete Document - Deletes the document in process and ends the workflow.

  • Release to GlobalSearch - Allows a user to send a document directly into GlobalSearch for storage after manual indexing.

  • Reprocess from Start - Allows a user to restart the process from the very beginning of the workflow, this is helpful to test any newly added templates, such as those created with RapidAdapt.

Any documents which fail to release to GlobalSearch or process for any reason will be routed to the validation for a user to review.


This workflow is predefined to release to the Square 9 Business Essentials Tax Documents archive. Anything processed through this workflow will be tagged with the specified HR Category and Document Type and indexed with the following fields:

  1. Name

  2. Document Date

  3. Department

  4. HR Category

  5. HR Document Type

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