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Expanding Business Essentials

GlobalSearch C2 for Business Essentials is a powerful platform for managing your digital transformation strategy. While designed as a solution to meet the needs of most organizations, it can also be easily customized and expanded to include business process automation, advanced digital transformation strategies, and even web forms. To learn more about these options, contact Square 9 Softworks or your Authorized Square 9 Reseller today.

  • GlobalCapture - To take your digital transformation strategy to the next level, Square 9 Softworks offers GlobalCapture and GlobalCapture Convey for transforming images into information. Like all of our products, GlobalCapture is highly scalable, allowing you to incorporate a low-cost scanning tool which includes optical character recognition, bar code recognition and more. For more aggressive strategies that include transforming unstructured or semi-structured data, we also have you covered. Our customers rely on GlobalCapture for the transformation of anywhere from hundreds of documents a day to millions of pages per year. For more information about GlobalCapture, click here.

Defining a digital transformation process in GlobalCapture

  • GlobalAction - It’s one thing to transform your information into valuable content and manage it efficiently. It’s another to put it into motion and into use. GlobalAction is a powerful Business Process Management platform that notifies users of tasks on hand, routes information intelligently, enforces business rules and makes sure that things are getting done. To learn more about adding BPM and automating your business processes, click here or contact your Square 9 Authorized Reseller.

  • GlobalForms - Looking to transform your paper-based forms process into a streamlined web process? GlobalForms allows you to deploy common forms like job applications, I9 Forms, Purchase Orders and many more or create custom forms to meet the needs of your business. The web forms then become a part of your business process including purchasing, employee onboarding, patient intake and more. To learn more about adding GlobalForms and replacing your paper based forms, click here.

An Employee Time Off Request Form in GlobalForms

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