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Install GlobalCapture

These procedures identify installation prerequisites and how to install GlobalCapture Servers and Engines. They outline recommendations for the average deployment scenario; your needs may vary.

GlobalCapture can be installed as a standalone product. it is also required as a core feature of GlobalSearch and must be installed as part of the GlobalSearch installation process. GlobalCapture is broken down into two distinct components. The GlobalCapture Server will be installed to handle licensing and configuration,  while the GlobalCapture Engine manages the processing of documents. After they are installed, you may install additional GlobalCapture Engines, as needed.

Before You Begin

  • Please note that one or more system reboots are required as part of the process.

  • You must have system administrator permissions to perform installation procedures.

  • Before beginning your installation, confirm that your system meets the hardware and software requirements. (Please refer to the Square 9 website for details.)

  • To register the application you will need an internet connection.  Once registered, direct internet connectivity is not required.

Before Installing with GlobalSearch

Before installing GlobalCapture v2.1 with GlobalSearch v4.5.0, please do the following:

  1. Obtain the latest GlobalSearch release update by completing the request form linked here.
    Release updates are available for all customers with an active support agreement.

  2. Follow the instructions for installing GlobalSearch with GlobalCapture.

  3. Apply the release update provided by Support. As a result, you will have GlobalSearch

  4. Proceed to the GlobalCapture v2.1 media and follow the Upgrade to GlobalCapture procedure.

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